Removable Portable Fencing Panels

I want to buy steel crowd control barrier, what’s your main market?

we are manufacture from China, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, American, Finland, Isreal, etc are all our main market. Pls, see pictures which we have produced or Contact Us

product process

Is there any additional weight by putting rubbles inside the tubes?

No, we will send u the product process pictures to u to check. Pls, check the detail pictures, general the raw material is black pipe and hot dipped galvanized pipe.

Product Description

I saw the surface divided into hot dipped galvanized only and silver painted, which one is better? And what’s the difference?

Hot dipped galvanized only surface zinc coating is 450g,has a high Anti-corrosion ability and the service life general at least 10 years.

Siler painted surface zinc coating is 40-60g, widely used for recycling, service life is 3-5 years.

My clients want to know all the size to select?

Pls check below detail spec or tell sales person where the steel crowd control barrier used for event

Surfacehot dipped galvanized only, silver painted, powder coated


Why i choose you?Any advantage you can show to me?

1>We are a real factory,so you can get competive price and good quality

2>We have ISO 9001,CE,BV certification

3>Now is our season time,if u ordered before March,there will be a 5% discount.

4>About the product we adapt 360 degree full welding technology,it will not opening.

5>Polish the welding slag,the surface will be smooth.

6>Spray silver painted on whole barriers decanter, the barrier will be bright.

My client wants perfect quality, the surface must have not bubbled,can you be sure the smooth surface?

Yes we can,pls check below you will know how to do.

Packaging & Shipping

I want to confirm the package,you know general we should delivery by ship,i need a solid package.

We are very experienced in packing. At first, the steel crowd control barrier will put on a metal pallet, Between each barrier, there is cardboard to avoid damage by each other.

I searching other kind of temporary fence.

Dear,we can supply many kinds of fence.Pls check below pictures and click the link to know more about the interested one.

1 >Australia temporary fence

2>Canada temporary fence

3>cattle panels

4>Steel fence

Pedestrian Barrier(also referred to as crowd control barricades, with some versions called a french barrier or bike rack in the USA), are commonly used at many public events. Crowd control barrier, effective and necessary crowd control management system in almost all private and public events, including concerts, demonstration, bicycle race, and construction sites. It can keep order pedestrian and vehicle passing and prevent tripping and stampede accidents.